James Iing’s first exposure to dance was in his home town in East Malaysia where, starting from the age of 12, he was first a student and then an instructor with the local YMCA in a wide range of dance forms including traditional folk dances from Malaysia’s diverse ethnic communities, as well as Western ballroom, jazz and modern dance. In 1992 he joined the state sponsored professional modern dance and ballet company in Singapore as a soloist, touring various countries in East and Southeast Asia with the company in the following years and performing as a guest dancer with the Singapore dance theatre. Then, he moved to London,UK as a freelance dancer also learned from varies master teachers in Europe. And later he moved to Canada to train, this time as an instructor, at the School of Dance in Ottawa under the leadership of Merilee Hodgins and Glen Gilmour, and the painstaking instruction of 2007, in that most challenging of all dance forms Cecchettic classical ballet. At the same year, He has been invited to Dance for Ballet West Company in Montreal and finished his Cecchettic advance 2 with Ms Susanne Plante. In 2008 years of study in the Cecchetti style and a few years teaching in Ottawa and Vancouver, dance remains for James a life-long learning pursuit. He has continued formal training in Montreal and Vancouver for Diploma has expanding and deepening his knowledge and understanding of form, technique and physiology. He plans to never stop learning.